"Adina has the unique ability of stimulating people's confidence to a level where they can truly realise their own potential" K. B | "I found Adina very inspiring and very honest" D.T | "Adina cumulates personal business experience, education in psychology and a wide cross cultural experience which not many coaches have". A.S | "Excellent facilitator. Very effective style" A.D | "Adina is an asset to this organisation". M.M.L | "A pleasure to work with!". M.B
Useful when the attempt to balance personal, professional and wellbeing needs and aspects of one’s life seems impossible, is stressful, discouraging, confusing and can benefit from clarity and a change in approach.
Useful when trying to find a new job, or reflect on one’s overall career or envisage a radical professional transition or self employment.
Additional tools such as questionnaires can be used to inform and illuminate aspects of one’s personality, such as personality type, contribution to team, values and beliefs, emotional intelligence etc.
(for business processes, quality, supply chain etc.) – Useful with a new business role or in a role that is too challenging at a point in time when the input from someone who’s “been there and done it”, will smooth the path to a more effective, confident and relaxed approach to the responsibilities and demands of the job.
Use of specific wellness questionnaire to set healthy lifestyle goals (exercise, nutrition, sleep patterns) which complement other personal or professional goals and aspirations.

For those who are unsure what coaching is and does, the first thing to know is that coaching works !!

This is simply because it is based on the fundamental human inclination to communicate, relate and learn, through interaction with other people.

We are all aware of the power that role models, mentors, gurus, spiritual advisors, great masters have played in the live of mankind since the dawn of time, as well as the positive impact that more specialised interactions such as teaching, training, therapy and counselling have.

Coaching however is different.

Coaching is a journey which sets out in the present and projects the coachees (a.k.a clients or learners) with their capabilities, assets and potential, into the future, with the purpose of identifying positive outcomes - aspirations and dreams! - and the action required to make them come true!

The bridge in between is the client's/coachee's attainment of improved self awareness, confidence, ability to experience life in a positive constructive way and become able to fully utilise own potential, of which they may not have been aware or did not know how to tap into.

Coaching can be delivered face to face or by telephone, usually in hourly sessions. The number of sessions and frequency varies and is agreed with the client.

With this new awareness in mind,
and an issue that is important to you and needs resolving but you are unsure how,
why not make contact!

Mob: (44) 07814 434258

There is nothing to lose and a lot to gain in this one step that could completely change your perspective, awareness and self-belief in what you can really achieve.

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